NEW Ring & Pinion Ratios for 3 speed Automatics


German Transaxle is proud to finally have ring and pinion options for the 3 speed (090) transaxles. For years now we have only used the factory OE ring and pinions for our builds, due to the poor quality of design and construction that the aftermarket was suppling. We have spent the last several months building and dyno testing these new ring and pinions. With 4 total options for gearing we can fine tune these automatics to your vehicle specs. These new gear sets come in 3.27, 3.72, 4.09(stock), and 4.45. Our in house dyno testing has shown that these gears run from 12 to 15 degrees cooler, run at the same decibal level as the OE but have much less whine, this is due in large part to the super finishing or REM polishing on them. RPM drop from the 4.09 to 3.72 is on average 300 to 500 RPM’s. ¬†For more info please call
Due to the fact that most shops or backyard mechanics do not have the factory master gauge tooling nor the variety of shims that are required for proper set-up, we are not selling these outright. These final drives are not like any domestic rear end where you can just “run a pattern” and get it close. They require proper and exacting¬†measurements only provided by the OEM tooling.
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