VW Eurovan 4 speed auto Cooler Kit (external) SOLD OUT



This cooler kit replaces the factory oil-to-water cooler which is prone to failure causing both expensive transmission and engine cooling repairs. Our kit comes complete ready for install. The installation is simple (yet space restrictive). Our cooler is the largest cooler that will comfortably fit in front of the a/c condenser. With this cooler kit installed, transmission temperatures are running 40-50 degrees F. cooler. It also, keeps your engine running cooler because you are eliminating the engine from the transmission. This kit comes with, the adaptors for the transmission, all necessary hardware and brackets to install, thermal bypass, and cooler lines. All lines and fittings are rated for 400psi or better (when shifting to reverse, line pressure will reach 300+ psi).  For more info please call

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