VW Vanagon 3 speed Auto Complete Water Cooled (83-91) 090


Core $1500.00

The 3 speed automatic (010) came in a variety of vehicles from VW Rabbits, Audi 5000, and the VW Bus & Vanagon. We build more of these transaxles than anyone else in the world. The versatility of these little trannys has found them in drag cars, off road racing, and of course your daily drivers. Our rebuilds all start with full disassembly, cleaning and inspection. Due to the amount of parts that we have amassed over the 45 years of building these we have the hard to find components that allow us to rebuild your transaxle even if it does have hard part damage. The autos receive new seals & gaskets, 1 way sprags, frictions and rebuilt valve bodies. These 010 automatics are mated to the 090 vanagon differential. The differential gets new seals, gaskets, OE roller bearings and a rebuilt torque convertor. Both units are assembled and set up using VW tooling. The next step…

We fill the auto with full synthetic BG ATF oil and the diff with BG ultra gaurd(gl 5)oil. It then goes to our in house dyno. The transaxle is then put thru its paces to ensure the highest quality unit is sent to you. ready for install, oil and all.
For those that are building their rig above and beyond, German Transaxle does have upgrade components available. The standard ring and pinion for 090 finals is 4.09. We offer 3.27, 3.72, and 4.45 options depending on your build requirements. A Peloquin ATB diff for added traction or our turbo upgrade which  includes a 4 planetary hub and kevlar band. We also have 2 separate cooling options, a must have for transmission longevity. For more options and help please call.

All units installed with stock motors or stock HP rated motors come with our nation wide 2 year/24,000 mile warranty. (see warranty download for details)

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You will be happy to know the after market fan style cooler is included in this price.

Our Rebuild Process