VW Vanagon 5 speed manual (83-92) 094 convert your 4 speed to 5 speed


The VW vanagon manual transaxle (094) did come as a 5 speed option in the some vanagons. The 1st gear is the same low range gear in syncro 4×4’s. The ring & pinion and all 4 gears are different ratios than the standard 4 speed manuals. For those that want a granny low in their 2wd, this is a great option. 5 speed conversions come with new main shafts, low, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears and your choice of 4th gear.  New front cover with mount. (Small car bell housing not included) German transaxle has the experience and knowledge to build your transaxle the right way, there are so many things that we DO that most rebuilder’s don’t and you’ll never see them. Be assured that these are the things that set us apart from our competition.

There are many ways to strengthen, improve and customize your vanagon transaxle for your needs.  Add a Peloquin ATB differential and turn your 1 wheeled wonder into a 2 tire traction monster. We also offer strengthening, improved oiling options, REM polishing and many other improvements to  these transaxles, just call us for more details on how we can help you.

All units installed with stock motors or stock HP rated motors come with our nation wide 2 year/24,000 mile warranty. (see warranty download for details)

Our core charges are based on individual damaged or failed components within your transaxle. We won’t ding you for the whole core if you only have 1 failed part. Except for the ring and pinion that one is a full core ding.

Our Rebuild Process